Dead Ends - the art of urban animation
Dead Ends - the art of urban animation is a promenade performance, a guided city walk that tells local stories by the help of contemporary puppetry, physical theatre and traffic signs. Every show is based on some local event in history and is built directly on location during a period of 4-20 days depending on the length and complexity of the show. Every visited location will generate its own unique Dead Ends.

Dead Ends is created and performed by the puppet artist Ishmael Falke and dance maker Sandrina Lindgren.

By creating and performing with the help of the familiar traffic symbols Ishmael and Sandrina directs our eyes towards the language of the city. A language we all know and relate to although we might not always realize it. After a walk with Dead Ends urban existence reaches new levels, histories are rediscovered and spaces and materials in our everyday surrounding comes to life.

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Dead Ends - the art of urban animation
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Dead Ends: Amersfoort
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